About us


Mobatek is a software company based in Toulouse, France.

We have been delivering our services and products to a worldwide set of customers since 2008. Our 2 major programs MobaXterm and MobaSSH are primarily targeted at corporate users who work in a network environment with Unix/Linux and Windows servers. We also offer some free multimedia software which can be downloaded from our labs.

MobaXterm and MobaSSH are being used by many companies worldwide, for various business types including aeronautics, space, defense, health, bank, network equipment, software, insurance, but also by government and educational institutions (universities, high schools).

Our products have been designed with the following main principles:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • No spyware/adware, no unwanted internet connections
  • Agile development for quick features implementation and security fixes
  • Try before you buy: software can be tested before purchase
  • Stable, lightweight, portable and easy to configure interface
  • Easy deployment for SysAdmins
  • Frequent beta versions are being tested extensively by our users and ourselves
  • Developments are driven by users feedback and feature requests

Company information

Mobatek is a SARL company (French law) with the following registration number :

  • Company address : 15 chemin de la Crabe, 31300 Toulouse - FRANCE
  • EU VAT ID : FR57502869258
  • Capital of 3000EUR
  • SIREN - RCS number : 502 869 258 R.C.S. TOULOUSE
  • CNIL declaration in respect with the law of 6th of January 1978, modified by law of 6th of August 2004 under reference 1872209 v 0
  • Phone number: +
  • Nom du gĂ©rant: Guillaume Claudel
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